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Stena Line using AI for CO2 emission reduction

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Stena Line using AI for CO2 emission reduction

Posted in Ship Building and Technology by Raghib Raza


Jul 14, 2021 at 07:29.


Artificial intelligence is changing the world for good and now AI has found its roots in the shipping industry.


Stena Line has successfully introduced its AI assistant Stena Fuel Pilot on its vessels. Last month the company added this new technology on their vessels STENA FLAVIA and MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN.


The objective of Stena Line is to use artificial intelligence to bring down fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions by 5%.


Back in 2018, Stena Line started its artificial intelligence project on their vessel STENA SCANDINAVICA. The objective of the project was to investigate and explore the usability of artificial intelligence in saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions.


This project later evolved into Stena Fuel Pilot where the artificial assistant combines various data sources such as depth, waves, wind, and current with nautical expertise and artificial intelligence to deliver support to captain and crew onboard.


On the conservative side, the AI has been successful in saving 2% of fuel whereas it has the potential of saving more than 5% fuel. Currently, there are 7 vessels of Stena Line equipped with AI assistants and the company has plans to roll out Stena Fuel Pilot for its entire fleet. By the year 2030, the company has the target to reduce its CO2 emission by 30%.

Stena Line is working tirelessly to reduce its CO2 emission. Currently, the company is 10 years ahead of the IMO international shipping emission reduction targets. In its plan to reduce CO2 emission, Stena Line has identified key areas such as electrification of port and vessel operation, use of alternative fuels such as hydrogen and methanol, and the modernizing of the existing fleet.




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