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Required practices for vessels calling Indian port

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Required practices for vessels calling Indian port

by The Editorial Team 


October 26, 2021



Haldia Dock Complex, India, issued new required practices for vessels calling and sailing at the port.






As informed, ships entering Haldia Dock Complex must take into consideration the following:


  • Copy of Pilot Exchange Card signed and stamped by Master of the vessel to be submitted with Pilot Booking Form.

  • Confirmation on the number of good soft mooring ropes available on board the vessels arriving at Haldia Oil Jetties and River Mooring Buoy to be submitted with Pre-Arrival Notification.

  • All outward vessels to be ready to haul out from berth within 10 minutes of boarding of the Dock Pilot. If found otherwise, the cancellation charges will be levied on the vessel.

  • Dock Pilots to board the outward vessel at the time the vessel has declared its readiness to sail out or as per movement order along with the assisting tugs. Vessel to sail out from berth within 10 minutes of the Dock Pilot on board.

  • To ascertain responsibility in case of accident/incident which has led to damage to port property, representative from vessel agent, GM (Engineering) to remain present at approach jetty, lock, oil jetties and river mooring buoy during hauling in and sailing out of vessels along with marine personnel.


  • The vessel will be penalised with an amount equivalent to double Pilotage charges for wrong declaration or suppression of fact about declaration of speed, draft, availability of bower anchors, etc.

Overall, this has been issued with the approval of competent authority and will be applicable for vessels reporting at Haldia Dock Complex, SMPK.




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