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Port congestion made Zim Kingston wait in gale conditions

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Port congestion made Zim Kingston wait in gale conditions

by The Editorial Team

November 1, 2021



Zim Kingston was at sea in a storm due to port congestion when the incident took place, according to a new report.

More specifically, by analyzing satellite AIS data, Seattle public radio station KUOW discovered that the containership was at the straits entrance in gale conditions.

What is more, significant wave height was about 16 to 20 feet, while wind speeds were in the range of 35-40 knots.

As a result, Zim Kingston started rolling through 35 degrees, and with extreme forces acting on its stacked deck cargo, its lost more than 100 boxes overboard.


Commenting on the report, a spokesperson for the U.S. Coast Guard VTS office for Puget Sound confirmed that Zim Kingston was out at sea at the time of the casualty because of port congestion.

After the incident, the shipowner, Danaos, has contracted professional cleanup services, while effort is under way. The company has also hired a salvor to address the remaining wreckage aboard Zim Kingston and to remove the grounded containers from the beach.

As for the containers that fell overboard, four have washed ashore near Cape Scott Provincial Park. These containers do not contain dangerous goods.

However, two containers that remain missing include dangerous goods, such as a potentially hazardous ore processing chemical, potassium amyl xanthate.




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