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Off specification sediment fuels reported at Port Klang

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Off specification sediment fuels reported at Port Klang

by The Editorial Team

March 21, 2022


Lloyds Register Fuel Oil Bunkering Analysis and Advisory Service (FOBAS) on 18 March released a bulletin warning shipowners of off-spec bunker fuels from Port Klang, Malaysia.

More specifically, FOBAS warned about off specification sediment fuels from Port Klang, as between 07th 16th of March, FOBAS tested several samples from Port Klang with Total Sediment Potential (TSP) results exceeding the ISO8217 specification limit of 0.10% m/m

The samples were all VSLFO fuels and TSP results ranged from 0.17% m/m to 0.54% m/m. Extended analysis indicated these results were due mainly to extraneous dirt.

Fuels with high sediments can cause excessive sludge deposition in tanks and throughout the handling and treatment/fuel injection systems. Furthermore, in certain cases the attempted use of such fuels may result in highly compromised combustion leading to engine and turbocharger damage.


In addition, fuels with a high amount of extraneous dirt can result in heavy loading on purifiers which can lower the purifier plant efficiency with respect to removing harmful contaminants such as Aluminium, Silicon, and / or Water.


For this reason, purifiers should be monitored and operational adjustments made as necessary.


Taking the above into consideration, operators are planning to bunker in this port are recommend to advise suppliers of their concerns regarding the stability of the fuel in the area, and ensure that they are provided with additional reassurance that they will comply with the ISO 8217 requirements for the grade ordered.


Moreover, additional attention should be given to the collection of bunker samples, aid it should be ensured that all parties have witnessed the sampling process and have signed witness forms accordingly, and that the supporting documentation includes records of all the samples considered representative of the fuel as loaded.




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