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Container Ship SM SEATTLE, selected as the outstanding life-saving ves…


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KLCSM, Korea's leading shipping management company, announced that M/VSL SM SEATTLE among

the KLCSM management vessels is selected as an excellent ship and received a certificate of merit (picture)

at the AMVER AWARD PROGRAM hosted by U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) on August 27th.

KLCSM is in charge of overall ship management of SM Group (Chairman Woo Oh-hyun),

including Korea Line, SM Line and Korea Shipping.

AMVER AWARD hosted by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) is a program to award a certificate of merit

to the company (owner and manager) that owns the selected vessel,.after evaluating the participation and

contribution of active protection (structural) activities for the safety of marine life in U.S. territorial waters.

The longer this program is eligible for the award, the more awards it receives, and KLCSM participates in AMVER.
It was a new honor in its first year, and the award was awarded through the U.S. Embassy on behalf of the U.S. government.

Park Chan-min, CEO of KLCSM, said, "This award will help to inform the public directly and indirectly

that we are a shipping company to actively participate in marine life safety programs in the U.S. territorial waters.

He also said "If we continue to maintain this award, it is expected that we will be able to enjoy a good effects and

an increase in favorability in the United States."


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