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KLCSM Initiates ICT-based Next Generation SMART Ship Management


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[Opening Ceremony of KLCSM Vessel Control Center- KLCSM CEO Park Chan-min (third left), Samsung Heavy Industries Director Lee Dong-yeon (fourth left)]

 As a part of its next-generation SMART ship management method in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, KLCSM (CEO Park Chan-min), Korea's leading ship management shipping company opened VESSEL CONTROL CENTER on the 8th floor of its headquarters building in Jungang-dong, Busan on April 19.

KLCSM is in charge of managing the shipping division of SM Group (Chairman Woo Oh-hyun) including Korea Line, Korea Shipping, SM LINE.  KLCSM has been conducting joint research with the goal of improving operational efficiency using S-VESSEL by applying the latest IT technology. As such, Vessel Control Center opened along with technical cooperation and support from Samsung Heavy Industries.

The Vessel Control Cente can monitor various details such as location information, weather conditions, port information, and main status of all SM Group's shipping affiliates (Korea Line, Korea Shipping, SM LIN) operating on the sea around the world in real time.

Based on this information, daily safe operation meetings are held to identify and manage risk factors of all ships in advance, enabling the improvement of safe operation of ships and efficient and systematic ship management. In addition, ship and environmental data-based analysis technologies stored in real time are expected to be able to effectively respond to greenhouse gas environmental regulations such as EEXI and CII, which have recently been issued.

In terms of maintenance, main engines and generators, which are major equipment of the ship, can be checked on land and sea together, making it very efficient in time and cost.

These smart technologies will help safe operation and efficient management of ships, which will strengthen the competitiveness of SM Group's shipping division affiliates that require speed and safety.

The two companies are conducting solid verification of various technologies by applying them to S-VESSEL to Korea's first LNG bunkering vessel (SMJU LNG 2) built by Samsung Heavy Industries and managed by KLCSM. At this time, it is planning to monitor and remotely support on-site situations through S-VESSEL in real time.

Therefore, SMART ship management through the Vessel Control Center will be the starting point for the development of autonomous and unmanned ships as part of the fourth industrial revolution in the shipping sector.

"The ship management industry should continue to develop next-generation SMART ship management methods that incorporate the latest IT technologies in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution," said Park Chan-min, CEO of KLCSM.

CEO Park also said, "We plan to secure solutions optimized for safe operation and efficient management of ships through continuous joint development with Samsung Heavy Industries, which leads SMART SHIP technology."


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