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KLCSM supports "smart remote control for STS LNG bunkering vessel…


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                        [ KLCSM Vessel Control Center - Remote monitoring and support for LNG supply by STS ] 

KLCSM (CEO Park Chan-min), Korea's leading ship management carried out safely and perfectly to supply LNG bunkering 

through SHIP TO SHIP (hereinafter referred to as STS) by supporting ICT-based remote technology.

It had been proceeded  for "SM JEJU LNG 2" vessel at Samsung Heavy Industries' Geoje shipyard for three days

from the 4th to the 6th April, 2021 

KLCSM is in charge of overall ship management of the shipping division of SM Group (Chairman Woo Oh-hyun),

including Korea Line, SM Line and Korea Shipping.

On April 19, KLCSM opened a ship operation control center with the support of Samsung Heavy Industries 

and announced that it is conducting a real-verification by applying S-VESSEL, an ICT-based smartship solution jointly studied

with Samsung Heavy Industries, to SM JEJU LNG2, the first LNG bunkering ship in Korea.

It remotely supported technical work in all processes, from the port berthing process of the main ship to hose connection 

and separation work, LNG supply work, and final offshore work.

This is very meaningful that it is the first joint STS LNG supply in Korea by applying smartship technology.

Based on cloud data, S-VESSEL integrates all ship-related data with the latest ICT technology to support the economical 

and safe operation of ships and then, it offers a variety of SmartShip solutions such optimal operation plan to reduce 

ship fuel consumption with next-generation Smartship ship management system, real-time maintenance monitoring 

and remote land control functions, etc

In particular, it is possible to check the location, weather conditions, and port information in real time 

as well as the vision function that enables all round view monitoring. 

In addition, it is possible to check the Vessel's overall condition in real time, such as the cargo loading volume of the main line, 

the temperature and pressure of the cargo warehouse.

Currently, KLCSM and Samsung Heavy Industries have signed a business agreement for joint research on SmartShip (S-VESSEL) 

applying the latest IT technology, and they will continue to cooperate for the optimal operation of ships, intelligent fleet management.

A KLCSM official said, "We are very pleaded to make a small contribution to revitalizing the domestic LNG bunkering industry 

by fully supplying STS LNG."

We will continue to do our best to develop related technologies and improve safety management as a ship management company 

for the domestic LNG bunkering industry"        <The End>


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