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KLCSM successfully completed supervision of a new LNG bunkering ship &…


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March 18, 2022 is the day when the sound of a boat horn announcing the first voyage of the LNG bunkering 

exclusive ship "K.LOUTS" of SM Group KLC LNG, which KLCSM successfully conducted the supervision of the new ship.

KLCSM provides the utmost supervision service with work skills and know-how, which has been accumulated 

since 1987 through the implementation of more than 90 new by proving the successful departure of 

new ship "K.LOUTS".

KLCSM said, "During the supervision period of the K.LOTUS, continued technical consultations were proceeded 

with global energy company SHELL, and the successful delivery of "K.LOUTS" based on KLCSM and SHELL's 

technical know-how proved KLCSM's high technology in field of new shipbuilding supervision . 

The "K.LOTUS" is equipped with "a loading arm" that minimizes LNG transfer operation time, which is not applicable 

to existing LNG vessels. 

In addition, As the European country has been designated as the ECA since 2021, the application of engines and 

electric propulsion engines using LNG as the main fuel and re-liquefaction devices to minimize the loss of LNG cargo 

have been applied to ships.

"K.LOTUS" is the first and largest LNG bunkering vessel in the world, capable of supplying LNG fuel to large ships such as 

TANKER and CONTAINER, and will be a leading vessel in supplying LNG fuel to ships operating in Europe, starting 

with Rotterdam port in Netherland."

In addition, KLCSM has a history of successfully supervising "SM JEJU LNG 1 and SM JEJU LNG 2" which are 

LNG bunkering vessel for the first time in asia. 

Accordingly, KLCSM has the most experience and technology in LNG bunkering ships in Korea.


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