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SM Group KLCSM accelerates joint research to commercialize 'autonomous…


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KLCSM (CEO Park Chan-min), a representative ship manager affiliated with SM Group, signed a joint research agreement (MOU) with Korea Shipping (KR) and Samsung Heavy Industries at the 2022 International Maritime Safety Conference (KOE) held in Songdo, Incheon on the 23rd.

The agreement was designed to accelerate the commercialization of domestic equipment and equipment technology and secure international competitiveness by establishing and certifying a solid line-based operating system of autonomous shipbuilding technology through cooperation between "seafarers, shipyards, and ships" composed of domestic companies.

Under the agreement, Samsung Heavy Industries will apply the Automatic Navigation System (SAS) developed by Samsung Heavy Industries to KLCSM's operating ships to conduct various agreements and standards review ▲ cybersecurity system development and certification.

Samsung Heavy Industries is focusing on research and development for commercialization of autonomous driving technology that can be used in maritime and coastal navigation. Kim Hyun-jo, head of the ship and marine research center at Samsung Heavy Industries, said, "We are using cabin operation based on the maritime demonstration of SAS, a self-developed autonomous navigation system."

Yeon Kyu-jin, head of KR Drawing Approval Division, said, "We will do our best to support technology so that customers can successfully develop, implement, and operate autonomous driving systems by successfully carrying out this joint cooperation."

Kwon Oh-gil, executive director of KLCSM, said, "If the autonomous navigation system is successfully applied to ships, the efficiency of ship management will be further improved," adding, "In particular, the ship operating environment is expected to improve in response to the shortage of sailors."

On April 19, 2021, KLCSM opened a smart ship management-based ship operation control center, and in May of the same year, S-VESSEL, an ICT-based smart ship solution jointly studied with Samsung Heavy Industries, was applied to SM JEJULNG2, an LNG bunkering line among KLCSM's management ships. 


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