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KLCSM approves pre-payment of SHAPoLi OMM corresponding to EEXI for th…


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△ SHaPoLi OMM approved by Korean shipping company (SM SHANGHAI) 

SM Group's shipping management company KLCSM (CEO Park Chan-min) announced on the 19th that it has received approval for the first time in Korea to respond to IMO (International Maritime Organization) environmental regulations.

In April 2018, the 72nd Marine Environmental Protection Committee set a goal of reducing the total greenhouse gas emissions of international ships by 50% compared to 2008, and established the existing ship energy efficiency index (EEXI) and ship carbon intensity index (CII) systems as a way to improve the energy efficiency of ships in operation. an amendment to an agreement

Since 2013, new ships must meet the ship energy efficiency design index (EEDI) calculated based on ship specifications from the ship construction stage, and existing ships must meet the ship energy efficiency design index (EEXI) calculated in the same way as EEDI from 2023 and the annual CII reduction rate.

Therefore, according to the regulations, the EEXI allowance must be satisfied during the first regular inspection of existing ships from 2023, but SHAPoLi or Engine Power Limitation (EPL) equipment must be installed for ships that do not meet the allowance. KLCSM selected SHAPoLi as a solution to effectively respond to CII regulations in the future and conducted a technical review internally.

SHAPoLi (Shaft Power Limited) is a facility that measures actual axial horsepower through a torque meter mounted on a ship to control the main engine load beyond the ship's EEXI allowance, and has the advantage of reducing the loss output due to engine aging or poor maintenance.

Accordingly, a KLCSM official conducted a technical review of KOZA ShaPoLi, which proactively responded to EEXI/CII environmental regulations, and received approval for the SM Shanghai 6500 TEU container ship for the first time in Korea.

Based on this, it laid the foundation for effective and organically responding to environmental regulations on all ships of SM Group's shipping subsidiaries (Daehan Shipping, Daehan Merchant Marine, SM Merchant Marine, and Changmyeong Shipping).

KLCSM is a large domestic ship manager who manages more than 80 ships, actively responding to the emerging IMO Greenhouse Gas Regulation (EEXI, CII Index) based on 40 years of ship management experience and engineering know-how, and will actively strive to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers. 


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