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KLCSM Signs MOU for Material Development Using "Waste SOOT" …


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KLCSM, Korea's leading ship management company, recently signed an MOU with the Korea Maritime and Ocean University's

Industrial-Academic Cooperation Group to develop materials using waste SOOT generated from ships.

KLCSM is in charge of overall ship management of the shipping division of SM Group (Chairman Woo Oh-hyun),

including Korea Line, SM Line and Korea Shipping.

A research team at Korea Maritime & Ocean University (Professor Kang Joon) developed the results of a study developed

 as an energy material (a live substance of lithium-ion batteries) as a waste SOOT emitted by ships.
Although it only had about 70% of its performance compared to commercial products, it has confirmed

that it currently has better performance than its current Super P when it is used as a challenging material.

It was also published in the journal Nano Materials with the title of “Conversion of Black Carbon Emitted

from Diesel-Powered Merchant Ships to Novel Productive Carbon Black as Anodic Material for Lithium Ion Batters”.

Challenges are a type of carbon black, which is divided into special grades called conductive carbon black,

which is used as a major electrode material for secondary batteries.
In the case of regular carbon black, it is used in various fields such as tires and rubber materials.

Currently, all of them depend on overseas imports and demand is on the rise every year.

A KLCSM official said, "We will actively cooperate to maximize research results through this MOU,

but we need to take additional steps to review the results in order to commercialize them by utilizing these research results."
If the commercialization succeeds, it is expected that VALUE CHAIN within SM Group will be established,

which will lead to shipping companies (Korea Line, SM Line and Korea Shipping), which supply SOOT, and demander Bexel,

which specializes in batteries.

In particular, KLCSM expects that waste generated by ships will be transformed into eco-friendly materials,

which will meet the government's purpose of localization of materials as well as environmental protection.



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