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Speed Limits and ECAs in South Korea *Update*

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Speed Limits and ECAs in South Korea *Update*



Further to our earlier news on South Korea imposing speed limits and establishing emission control areas to curb emissions from shipping, Class NK has issued an advisory providing more details.


South Korea has introduced new environmental laws that will bring in voluntary speed limits for ships and emission control areas.


The Special Act on Air Quality Improvement in Port and Other Areas allows the Korean Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MOF) to introduce steps to reduce air pollution from shipping.

Speed limits

The first stage is a voluntary vessel speed reduction program, which took effect in December 2019. Five major ports (Busan, Ulsan, Yeosu, Gwangyang and Incheon) have been designated as Vessel Speed Reduction (VSR) Program Sea Areas. Each area spans 20 nautical miles in radius, measured from a specific lighthouse in each port.


Ships that voluntarily reduce their speed (12 knots for container ships and car-carriers, 10 knots for other ship types) will have their port entry/leave fees discounted.


Read more at the MOF website.


Korea ECA

From 1 September 2020, vessels at berth or at anchor in the port areas of Incheon, Pyeongtaek and Dangjin, Yeosu and Gwangyang, Busan and Ulsan must burn fuel with a maximum sulphur content of 0.10%.

The changeover to compliant fuel must take place within one hour of arrival and must not change back until within one hour before departure.

Korean sulphur-limiting regulations are likely to be expanded on 1 January 2022, where all vessels must operate on 0.10% S max fuel whenever operating in designated zones around the aforementioned ports these zones will form the Korean ECA.

Further information can be found in the advisory from US-based Patriot Maritime Compliance here.

This advice references information provided by Korean shipping agency Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd., which can be read here.(첨부참조)





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