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Precautions when navigating around Ningbo-Zhoushan port in China

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Precautions when navigating around Ningbo-Zhoushan port in China

MPA Singapore issued circular to draw attention to ship operators when navigation through fishing vessel areas in the coastal waters of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port in China. Safe navigation becomes the top priority in this areas, especially with the commence of the fishing seasons which takes place between May and September.

Fishery | 15/06/20 


In particular, every year, fishing season for the East China Sea commences on 12:00 September 16 to 12:00 May


1. This includes trawlers using spar drag method for shrimp, pots cast method, gill nets method and lighting enclosure (cladding) net method, fishing season commencing from at 12:00 August 1 to 12:00 May 1.


The Ningbo coastal route inter-cross with the East China Sea fishing zone, with fishing vessel navigating mostly in formation or operating in concentration. It is common for fishing vessels to operate in pairs using trawling method, long lining and bottom trawling in the night, fishing net cast using buoy or at anchor. In addition, fishing vessels have a custom of crossing the bow of the large vessel for good luck.


In this regard, vessels should as far as possible alter the ships course to avoid and maintain safe distance from areas with heavy concentration of fishing vessels. Vessel should not cut across areas where fishing vessels are congregated.


When navigating in fishing concentrated areas, the vessel should increase the navigation watch team with additional lookouts, maintaining safe speed and with all engines readily available. In close quarter situation, vessel should use ship horn, signaling light, and any means of communication or navigational aid to prevent the risk from further escalation.


When navigating in fishing concentrated areas, it is advised to pay close attention to signal lights of fishing vessels. The vessel should response in a timely manner to declare that the watch on the bridge have noticed the fishing vessels when the fishing vessel give flash light signals to the bridge of the merchant vessel (at least 5 times generally). When the flash light of the fishing vessel is directed to any of its sides, it indicates that there are fishing nets on that side. The vessel should avoid passing the same side.


When an incident occurs, aside from reporting to the company Designated Person Ashore (DPA), the vessel should report the incident to the nearest China MSA office directly or through the vessel agent and to the Flag Administration.


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