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Report in container loss of 'MSC Zoe'

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작성자 최고관리자 댓글 0건 조회 276회 작성일 20-07-02 15:59


Report in container loss of  'MSC Zoe'


Sun Jun 28 16:32:32 CEST 2020 Timsen


The German Safety Board has completed its investigation into the large-scale cargo loss from the 'MSC Zoe' off the Wadden Islands, on Jan 2, 2019.


As a follow-on to the casualty investigation, the board also reviewed the general risks for container ships along the busy shipping routes in the area. The tank testing showed that with the heavy beam seas experienced by 'MSC Zoe' on that night, modern ultra-large boxships can experience severe rolling motions.

Those motions result in large acceleration forces on container lashing systems, raising the risk of cargo loss.


In shallow water, with the right North Sea wave height and wave period, these ships may even experience bottom contact if a "large downward heave movement coincides with a large roll motion at that same moment.


The board found out that, ?The potential occurrence of extreme ship motions relates to the fact that container ships have gradually become larger and wider, and sail with high stability.


The natural roll period of these ships closely approximates the wave period that can prevail on the North Sea. In the event of beam seas with a wave period close to the natural roll period of a ship, as a consequence of resonance, the ship responds significantly to the waves, resulting in violent rolling motions,".


These phenomena are particularly risky in the traffic separation scheme off the Wadden Islands, according to the board. The investigation indicates that both lanes of the TSS - especially the shallower southern lane have an elevated risk of failed lashing systems and container loss for ULCVs in a storm-force north-westerly wind.



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